What makes GB Instagram better than official Instagram?

In the highly technological world, modern citizens can luckily get secure access to many great conveniences. When it comes to the social platform, it is an invention that connects folks. Many social channels are there now, but image sharing tool acquires more fame among modern-day internet users. It is because of an endless number of valid and outstanding reasons.

Now, many business professionals, celebrities and authors are using this platform to expand the business portfolio and also engaging their audience by posting clips and impressive snaps. With more than millions of active users, this platform continuously releases the new versions including GB Instagram. It is an updated version of this popular app well-known for its new set of features.

Why consider this modified version?

It is a modified Instagram version boasting of numerous changes to bring folks additional benefits. The most outstanding feature of this tool is that it brings folks with excellent control over it. The main purpose of this new version is to overcome the drawbacks caused by the older official version. All of these drawbacks are addressed and removed in the new version. Along with this, it comes with many advanced features. It does not include any hidden charges or additional cost, so anyone can use it for their amusement purposes.

What are the different versions of Instagram?

  • GB Instagram version 1.40
  • GB Instagram version 1.30
  • GB Instagram version 1.20
  • GB Instagram version 1.10

Is this modified version offers more features?

It is developed over the top of the new Instagram version

  • If users read the story of other Instagram users, they can easily hide it
  • You can easily turn off right and left dragging options
  • You can easily mark the message by using a star
  • Endless numbers of themes are there for downloading
  • Folks can download videos, GIFs, and pictures from this platform
  • There is an in-built auto translator available for people who have overseas friends
  • There is an additional zooming facility for picture
  • Folks can easily copy and also paste their caption text from any post
  • You are able to zoom out the profile pictures
  • Facility to copy the bio of other users
  • Dual Instagram: you can utilize two Instagram accounts on one device by using this modified version
  • There is a requirement for rooting
  • Free from banning problems
  • It is entirely free with no hidden or extra charge
  • It gets regularly updated while the latest version releases

What are the requirements?

It is vital to follow a few steps before downloading the modified version. You can try to give more attention to the requirements for downloading as well as installing this mod successfully.

The initial step is to uninstall the official/original Instagram from the device. Once uninstalled the official Instagram, you will avoid the possibilities of any problems while using this mod

It is the right time to open your setting tab. Then, you can permit Unknown Resources from settings of the device

The size of apk file is 8 MB. You can ensure that you have sufficient space for downloading as well as saving apk file in the device.

Before installing this mode, this apk file will ask for your permissions related to the resources access of the device. The request is sent to access internet connection, phone identity, camera, gallery, media, contacts and much more.

You can let access to everything

They are required things for downloading apk file of the modified version.


How to quickly install this app on the Android platform?

  • The first step is to download the apk file of GB Instagram
  • You can click on the file
  • If you do not previously enable Unknown Sources in your Android settings, it is the right time to enable it
  • Once you have enabled the Unknown Sources, you can click on the Apk file from exactly where you are downloaded
  • Next step is to successfully install the Apk file. Now, you can open it for signing in with the account
  • You can navigate to the profile section as well as click on Menu for acquiring the GB settings. These are the required steps to customize the app.

Is it possible for downloading stories and pictures from Instagram?

It is a common desire of social media users to download their required elements from the desired social channel. As Instagram users, you are able to grab access to stories, images, and even clips. There is no need for acquiring any 3rd party application for this purpose. Instead, one can just install the GB Instagram app on your device. There are many free links available to acquire this tool on your advanced gadgets. When you decide to install the apk file, you can understand that it does not require device rooting or jailbreaking. Instead of facing any unwanted hassles, users can simply install it similar to the official app.

There is no facility for the general public for modifying this process, but some developers do this job behind a sight. If you come under this category, you can instantly acquire this modified version on your device. With this mod, you can utilize two different Instagram accounts on your single gadget. It is particularly helpful for folks who want to use separate accounts for their personal and business purposes. It not only brings you more conveniences but also let you increase your privacy.

How to update GB Instagram?

The new version of modified Instagram is launched by the official team. It is known as v1.60. This new version comes with tons of new features which are not present in the existing version.

Most significantly, the mod developers always try to increase both compatibility and graphics. The major problem with previous versions is that they are not compatible with every device. By using the latest version, folks can download the required elements more easily. It is because the latest version brings folks a stunning chance to acquire everything within a single click.

Final words

GBInstagram offers numerous features which do not exist in the official Instagram tool. By using this app, folks can acquire pictures, hide internet presence, and customize dual Instagram and much more.